Since 2021, the Republic of Türkiye has regrettably declined entry to certain Turkish Cypriots. To date, this restrictive measure has affected 12 Turkish Cypriots, including journalists and trade unionists. They have been denied entry into Türkiye under the vague pretext of national security concerns. However, all 12 individuals are well-known for their unwavering dedication to the reunification of Cyprus in accordance with United Nations resolutions and EU policies, particularly the Bizonal, Bicommunal Federation (BBF) framework for Cyprus.

It is evident, therefore, that these individuals are being prevented from entering Turkey due to their political beliefs.

The Left in the European Parliament strongly condemns this unacceptable and regrettable policy implemented by the Turkish authorities.

We hereby call upon Türkiye to eliminate all impediments preventing Turkish Cypriot EU citizens from entering Turkish territory.

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