A small majority of the European Parliament's Environment and Public Health (ENVI) committee yesterday blocked a proposal by GUE/NGL to take glyphosate off the market by the end of 2015.

The GUE/NGL had drafted and proposed, together with other MEPs from across the Parliament, an objection based on Rule 106 on the ' Extension of the approval period of the active substance glyphosate.' The outcome of the vote, which was a nominal vote, was disappointing and surprisingly, some members of the Parliament's Green group were among the blocking majority.

GUE/NGL MEPs Kateřina Konečná and Anja Hazekamp commented:

“Various scientific data indicate that the glyphosate in pesticides has serious risks for public health and the environment. The recent IARC study, done for the WHO, indicates that glyphosate is possibly even carcinogenic in humans. Since there is enough data to at least seriously cast doubt on the safety of glyphosate, the precautionary principle should be applied. This would mean that glyphosate, and all products – like Roundup – that contain this substance should be taken of the market until a final decision is taken by the European Commission.

“The rejection of the GUE/NGL resolution means that glyphosate will continue to be sold and used, while the European Commission continues its evaluation that has been delayed since 2012.

“The GUE/NGL considers it disgraceful that several groups failed to take their responsibility towards citizens during yesterday's ENVI vote, and preferred to prioritise economic and political reasons and the industrial lobby over the protection of the environment and the health of European citizens.”

GUE/NGL Press Contact:

Gay Kavanagh +32 473 84 23 20

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