We need a European Germany, not a German Europe!


After yesterday's vote in the Greek Parliament and in the run-up to the votes in some Member States' parliaments, GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer said:

“If I had been a member of the Greek Parliament I would have voted in favour of the agreement with the creditors because a no vote would mean a de-facto exit from the Eurozone for Greece. Such an exit would have catastrophic consequences for the people, the economy, and the political landscape in Greece. Poor people, those already hit hardest by the crisis would be the people suffering most from an ever-increasing humanitarian crisis. The tremendous pressure put on the Greek Government by the neoliberal hardliners from Germany and some other countries did not allow for any other agreement. The disgraceful blackmailing of Alexis Tsipras by the German Government and its allies such as Mr Dijsselbloem is unacceptable and damages European democracy and the EU's long-term future. Finance Minister Schäuble published a last minute proposal including a “Grexit” scenario. By backing these ideas Chancellor Merkel and Social Democrat Vice Chancellor Gabriel deliberately accepted the splitting of the EU into North and South, pursuing in an unforeseen and egoistic manner, the interests of Germany by imposing its will upon the EU. We do not need a German Europe, we need a European Germany.”

“A “Grexit” would not only be a social and economic disaster for Greece but it would strongly damage the idea of a united Europe in the long term. Any further division inside the EU will strengthen the neoliberal hardliners and their dogma which purports that there is no alternative to their policies and their model for the EU. This model is an EU for banks and big corporations. Any further split of the EU would also strengthen the right-wing extremists who exploit Euro-scepticism for their nationalistic and backward ideology. This is not in the interests of the left, who are trying to bring people together in a Europe of fair cooperation and solidarity. We want another Europe, we want a social Europe, but we want a united Europe where we fight for our ideas. A Grexit would pave the way towards the end of the EU.”


Brussels, 16/07/2015

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