During a debate at the European Parliament Plenary session in Brussels, GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer questioned the priorities agreed upon at so-called 'Brexit talks', she said, “The result of an internal Conservative Party squabble took the EU so far that an essential pillar, the social pillar has been gravely damaged. We are on the route for the EU to become an example of the radical market Anglo-Saxon model; we could create a monument in Brussels saying ' On the 18th Feb 2016 the spirit of Margaret Thatcher was resurrected'.”

“All this is happening while the EU is refusing to commit to dealing with the humanitarian refugee crisis in Greece. It was agreed by the summit that until March borders would remain open. One day later, the agreement has been violated and borders are closed. The conference in Vienna excludes Greece, the main player. We are losing sight of our duties as humans, something which should be at the centre of our values.

“This is the issue we should be talking about. Look at the offers of the Valencian and Portuguese governments to help with the refugee crisis. That's the way forward, not a power play between Johnson and Cameron or the 24 hours of staged drama in Brussels. The real drama is happening elsewhere.'

Irish MEP Luke 'Ming' Flanagan made the final contribution on behalf of the group focusing on the”€31bn Promissory Note burden' and noting, “Mr Junker didn't even stay in the chamber to listen to this debate… but I would appreciate the courtesy of an answer'.

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