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Violence against women (VAW) is a violation of women’s right to life, physical and psychological integrity, and a life without violence. 

Specifically, it negatively affects women’s immediate and long-term physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health. Sadly, far too often, it can even lead to murder, also known as femicide. 

To know more read our explainer. 

As shown by a spike in VAW incidents since the first confinement, the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the insufficiency of protection of women from male violence across the European Union. 

Nevertheless, the lockdown shed light on an uncomfortable reality that has always be present before our eyes, but that became invisible due to its normalisation. All around the world – and Europe is not an exception – women are subordinated, objectified and humiliated. This needs to stop.

If we really want to overcome patriarchy, today – and every other day – we need to consider violence in all its shades, starting from the type that usually goes unnoticed.

 To end VAW, we need to understand respect and equality.  Better legal treatment of VAW is also necessary, as well as greater financial means to help victims, both at national and European levels.





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