GUE/NGL MEPs speaking during the debate on Israel and Palestine after the Gaza war in the European Parliament last night, repeatedly called for the suspension of the EU-Israel association agreement, for respect of international laws and conventions, for a military embargo on all weapons exports to Israel, for Israel's war crimes to be brought to justice and to put an end to all political, financial and military support to Israel by the EU and United States.


Martina Anderson: “Israel's attack on Gaza resulted in the killing of 2147 people, 500 of them small children. These are crimes against humanity under international law and international humanitarian law. International law imposes a duty on all members of the international community not to recognise as lawful or render aid or assistance to maintain a situation created by a serious breach of international law. Allowing economic relations with Israeli illegal settlements and importing their products into the EU contributes to the prosperity of settlements and assistance in their development, all of which is contrary to our obligations under international law.”


Teresa Rodriguez Rubio: “What happened in Gaza was a war – Israel systematically bombed from land, sea and air. On our recent visit we heard that it was similar to the Warsaw Ghetto and ethnic cleansing was carried out by the Israeli victors. How can we be so hypocritical to weep for the dead while still selling arms to Israel?”


Sofia Sakorafa: “Israel's most recent crimes mean that the international community must now speak using clear language. We need an independent Palestinian state within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital. We need the return of refugees to their lands. At present we are proposing a motion for a resolution that doesn't mention settlements, refugees or Palestinian resistance.”


Miguel Viegas: “Palestinians have been living under occupation since 1947. But this most recent criminal bombing of Gaza should not be just remembered as just another episode in this occupation. The Palestinian people and all those who believe in a peace process are firmly convinced that a peaceful solution is the only way to break the deadlock. We call on the EU to respect the commitments signed regarding the peace process and to apply the provisions of the association agreement with Israel that require both parties to respect human rights.”


Younous Omarjee: “Our responsibility is that we have to say that the international community and the EU have no excuse to turn a blind eye to what is happening in Gaza and Palestine. During our trip to Jerusalem and Ramallah, we saw amongst the Palestinians that there are still some expectations that they still believe that a new incentive could come from Europe so long as we continue to believe in diplomacy.”


Marisa Matias: “More than 2000 people died and 10,000 were injured because they were Palestinians in occupied territories and these crimes against humanity need to be judged. People there say that there should be an investigation into the Israeli government but there is no international criminal instance that would take Israel to court. The EU should do so and stop being an accomplice. We continue to hold debates, draft resolutions.  It's an absolute scandal that we carry on debating. Let's stop being cynical, let's stop being part of the problem.”


Anne-Marie Mineur: “The damage caused by the war will cost two-and-a-half times Gaza's GDP to repair and people are just waiting for the next war. That is unacceptable and we can't just respond with words. Israel must respect international law and the 4th Geneva Convention on human rights. International law is not just a matter of political decisions, it is compulsory.”

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