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The Left in the European Parliament and Slovenian left party, Levica, are holding ‘Study Days’ in Ljubljana next week to address the current state of the EU and plan the alternatives that people and the planet demand. 

The event will kick off with a press conference on Monday at 18.00 in ROUND HALL, (Okrogla dvorana), Ground floor at TR3. Trg republike 3.

Exploring how the left in Slovenia is countering the virulent corporate authoritarianism of a far-right government that currently holds the EU Council presidency is high on the agenda. Together with allies from civil society, left forces will debate how to rebuild a Europe of dignity and solidarity with a particular focus on confronting neoliberalism and exposing the violent consequences of the EU’s inhumane migration policy. Among the activities is a visit to the razor wire on the Croatian border.

“The Europe that emerges from this crisis is being shaped by the choices made today. Recent tax dodging revelations and the worsening energy price crisis show that we can’t continue to paper over the cracks and keep allowing powerful elites to run this continent into the ground. It’s time to run things right. For people, for the planet.” said MEP Manon Aubry.

“We’re planning for the change Europe needs. An EU of ambition and vision that can emerge from this crisis fairer, better” says Martin Schirdewan MEP. “Alongside our allies in Levica, we will explore how people in Slovenia and throughout Europe are opposing a dangerous far-right government under Janez Janša in order to deliver a programme of solidarity. On workers’ rights, climate and on migration, we will share insights and learn from each other in order to rebuild an EU of dignity and respect.”

“The crisis that Slovenia plunged into with Janša’s government must be understood in a European context” says Levica Coordinator Luca Mesec. “All around Europe, a decade of EU neoliberal and austerity policies has caused widespread dissatisfaction, which allowed far-right parties to rise to power. Therefore our aim is not just to beat Janša at the upcoming elections in Slovenia, our common goal is to find a left, progressive solution to the challenge that the far-right presents in Europe today, to trace the way for a society that will put people and the planet before profits.”


Martin Schirdewan and Manon Aubry are Co-Presidents of The Left in the European Parliament, a political group made up of 39 MEPs from 14 European countries. 

Luka Mesec is a Slovenian MP and coordinator of Levica, an eco-socialist and democratic socialist political party.

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