Alexa, play “Go away” – Kicking Amazon out of the European Parliament

No need for introductions, Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world. But did you know that not only does the corporate behemoth disrespect its employees and the environment, but it also has shown disdain for the European Parliament?

In 2021, Parliament asked Amazon to take part in a hearing on its trade union busting and its organised spying on employees and rivals. CEO Jeff Bezos did not respond.

In December 2023, after numerous probes and investigations into working conditions and anti-union repression in several Amazon warehouses, the European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs decided to launch inspections of the company’s workplaces, especially in Germany and Poland. Amazon refused this delegation from the European Parliament.  

In January 2024, Amazon again refused an invitation from MEPs to

the European Parliament to answer questions about working conditions in its warehouses.

Now, following calls from MEPs Leila Chaibi (France, La France Insoumise) and Nikolaj Villumsen (Enhedslisten, Denmark) and together with trade unions and civil society organisations, The Left is demanding that the European Parliament close its doors to Amazon lobbyists.

This call is supported by a coalition of more than 30 trade unions and civil society groups all over Europe. Why is this call needed? Without access to the reality of Amazon’s practices, it is impossible to bring them to justice. As we saw in France recently, Amazon has set up an excessively intrusive system for monitoring employee activity and performance. Democratic institutions must be able to hold companies accountable for such abuses.

Jeff Bezos may be the richest man in the world, but he is not above the law or democratically elected representatives of the people.
It seems the only thing you can not find on Amazon is dignity and respect – neither for workers nor democracy.
We need concrete actions to stop Amazon and their practices. Banning lobbyists from the Parliament is a good first step towards ending its impunity.

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