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The European Commission presented its “taxonomy” proposal today. Left MEPs in the European Parliament’s Environment Committee demand a taxonomy that is science-based and not the result of political interest bargaining.

The process is flawed on several levels but emblematic of the policy of Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Disregarding democratic procedure and transparency, deals are being made in order to reach compromises as quickly as possible. No dialogue with civil society, no willingness to listen to scientists and experts.

“Classifying natural gas as a climate-sustainable investment is absurd. The Commission is not taking enough time to deal with such a politically sensitive issue. Civil society must also have the opportunity to have its say”, said MEP Silvia Modig (Finland).

The complementary act which aims to include nuclear and fossil gas energies into the sustainable finance framework is incompatible with the taxonomy regulation, the scientific recommendations, and the EU goal to be net zero by 2050 at the latest. The political signal sent by this anti-scientific compromise is extremely damaging and once again strengthens the hand of the nuclear lobby and the fossil fuels industry.

Our MEPs will seek to find a blocking majority in the European Parliament to stop the Commission sacrificing science for the sake of political expediency.

The role of the German government is particularly shameless in this instance. Despite the expectations and hopes raised by the new administration, Berlin has failed the climate movement.

A decision that goes so sharply against existing climate guidelines and in the midst of the current energy crisis highlights the urgent need to question and rethink Europe’s energy model. The interests of a few powerful corporations cannot hold people in Europe hostage. Everybody in Europe deserves a transparent and accountable energy model offering clean and affordable energy for all.


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