The Left group has demanded that the unfolding Qatar lobbying scandal be added to next week’s European Parliament plenary agenda so that further details of the affair can be established and an appropriate response considered by MEPs.

The scandal revealed today by Belgian media Le Soir and Knack implicates a Vice-President of Parliament, several other MEPs and senior figures.

“Our institution must be rigorous, transparent and tough on corruption,” said Co-President Manon Aubry. “We urgently need to find out what’s going on and who is involved so that a firm response can be delivered in the interests of the people we’re here to represent.”

“The full details of any criminality or corrupt practices influencing decisions in this house must be immediately brought to light,” said Co-President Martin Schirdewan. “We demand total and uninhibited cooperation from the European Parliament with the investigating authorities.”

The Left will formally make the request for the addition of a Commission statement to the plenary agenda on “Suspicions of corruption from Gulf countries and the broader need for transparency and accountability in the European institutions.” The request will be voted at the opening of the session in Strasbourg on Monday 12th at 17.00. 

Read our demands here.

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