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EU negotiators today failed to deliver a climate law agreement that will halt environmental catastrophe.

The outcome of the talks between EU institutions was deemed “a huge disappointment” by Left MEP Silvia Modig who pointed out that the 2030 emissions target agreed means just a  52.8% cut on real emissions. 

The Left sought a 70% emissions reduction target in line with the scientific research and the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.



While we welcome the establishment of the ‘European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change’ that will provide advice on EU climate policy, we are disappointed that its work will be embedded within the European Environmental Agency structure, limiting its status as a truly independent scientific body. 

Similarly, the deal means the Commission will publish a projected EU greenhouse gas budget for the period 2030-2050, a welcome move even though The Left pushed for it to begin much sooner in the current decade. 

We are very dissatisfied that the demand for both EU-wide and individual member states obligation for climate neutrality by 2050 at the latest was not included in the agreement. The Left will continue its push for real EU climate action, fighting the dangerous greenwashing of major emitters and for a phase-out fossil fuels subsidies.

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