The European Parliament adopted a report on relations with the Palestinian Authority. The report is a recommendation to the European Council, the Commission and the High Representative Vice-President Josep Borrell and is the first of its kind.

Where the report could have been a step towards accomplishing effective statehood, ending human rights violations and fostering improvements within the Palestinian Authority, it was hijacked by the extreme-right in the European Parliament.

On the adoption of the report Left MEP and Chair of the Palestine Delegation, Manu Pineda (Izquierda Unida, Spain) said:

“Unfortunately, the extreme right, supported by the EPP, has poisoned the report with several anti-Palestinian lies and misinformation. Our position is clear, the defence of international law and the human rights of the Palestinian people. We have missed an opportunity, although there are positive elements that have been approved thanks to our work, such as progress in relations with the Palestinian state and the demand for compensation for the infrastructures built by the EU, and demolished by Israel.”

At the beginning of July, Israel launched its biggest attack in two decades on the occupied West Bank,  involving drone strikes and armoured diggers causing massive destruction. At least 10 Palestinians in the Jenin refugee camp were killed and at least 100 more Palestinians were wounded. This attack followed another strike near Jenin on June 21, that left several people dead.

The United Nations accused Israel of using excessive force, with Secretary general António Guterres calling on Israel to respect international law.

Photo by Médecins Sans Frontières, 5 July 2023

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