Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Cologne, Erfurt, Aachen, Kassel, Dresden and many more… recently, over 1.4 million people in Germany have been on the streets taking a stand against the far right.

Thanks to revelations by the investigative media Correctiv, the far-right party AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) showed its true face. We learned about the existence of a secret meeting between several AfD executives, extreme right-wing and neo-Nazi groups, where a project for the mass deportations of foreigners and  citizens of non-German origin was discussed.

These nauseating ideas are reminiscent of the darkest hours of Europe’s history, and people took to the streets in their thousands to demonstrate against this plan and send a clear message to the far-right.

The AfD’s non-reaction shows how powerful and untouchable they think they are and how much they despise popular resistance to their agenda. In 2024, this impunity must end, and the fight for the right to exist must continue.

Co-Chair of The Left, Martin Schirdewan (Die Linke, Germany), commented on the demonstration :

“The people have a clear message: Faschismus ist keine Alternative! To see millions of people on the street demonstrating against the far right and their project is hope for all of us. We will never stop fighting against these racist and inhumane policies that divide our society.”      

The trivialization of the racist ideas of the far-right is a threat to our safety. This plan exposes the very essence of their xenophobic, misogynistic and anti-social policies. 

We join the calls from the streets in Germany against the AfD’s deportation agenda and echo their spirit of solidarity. From the streets to social media, a vibrant movement made up of people from diverse backgrounds is emerging to reject the politics of fear and division. Their collective action sends a powerful message: humanity knows no borders. 

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