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“What is the point of debating the future of Europe if it is not possible to renegotiate the treaties?” Left co-President Manon Aubry asked at this morning’s inaugural plenary session of the Conference on the Future of Europe in Strasbourg. 

Laudable as the aim of reforming the EU may seem, for The Left, an opaque process with limited ambition has already condemned the body to toothless sham status.

“Unfortunately, I fear the imminent birth of a paper tiger. It would be deeply irresponsible to turn this conference into a parody of democracy, ignoring the demands of people and civil society, while seeking only to re-legitimize obsolete and failed policies.”

With mistrust of the EU reaching record highs, Aubry sounded the alarm to EU leaders: overhaul the way the EU works or prepare for collapse.

“It is high time to put the EU at the service of the two main challenges of our time: the fight against inequalities and the climate emergency,” she said.

 After significant organizational chaos, the Conference kicks off a year-long process with a very modest place for citizens, drawn by lot, allowing for participation in the plenary sessions but no final voting rights.

Aubry’s full speech:—exchange-of-views-part-1_EP116737_06-V_v 

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