This weekend’s European Forum in Madrid will bring together Left, Green and other progressive organisations from across Europe. Left MEPs will join political parties, NGOs, Trade Unions and activists fighting for fairer, greener, solutions to the crises that Europe is facing.

2023’s forum takes place in Rivas Vaciamadrid at a moment of global convulsion where debates and workshops will focus on challenges such as peace & global security, feminist struggles, and the ecological transition. 

This, the 7th edition of the European Forum, will be the last such gathering before next June’s European elections in which progressive forces will be aiming to work together to halt the advance of the right, both in its neoliberal and neo-fascist versions and move towards a future of peace and prosperity for Europe.

The full programme can be found at

MEPs participating in the European Forum: 

Manon Aubry, MEP, France, co-president of The Left
María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop (MEP The Left, Podemos, Spain)
Manu Pineda (MEP The Left, IU Spain)
Sira Rego (MEP The Left, IU, Spain)

Key guests:

Yolanda Díaz (Minister of Labour, Spain)
Paloma López (General Secretary of CCOO Madrid)
Asta Vrečko (Minister of Culture, Slovenia)
Gloria Inés Ramírez (Minister of Labour, Colombia)
Mimmo Lucano (Former mayor of Riace, Italy)

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