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Dear President Sassoli,

Late last night, it has come to our attention that key parts of the crucial vote on the CAP reform package have been moved forward from Wednesday to the voting session of today early afternoon. This decision is based on reasons unknown and inexplicable to us. Additionally, we learned that splits and separates were deemed unacceptable.

We can neither understand, nor accept this decision. It is an utter disrespect of the work conducted in the last two years on this immensely important file, covering more than a third of the EU budget. And it is an utter disrespect of the democratic debate and public scrutiny. The compromises that were to be voted on in plenary on Wednesday and which appear to have been moved to today, constitute the core elements of the CAP Strategic Plans regulation. These compromises have only been made public on 11 October late in the day with some of them still not translated in all languages of the EU. Under these circumstances, it is impossible to finalize the voting lists in time.

We strongly oppose this decision and stress that this is not how a democratic debate should be led on such a key issue to realize the Green Deal. We consider it irresponsible by this democratic institution to spend public money in such a way. We urge you to revise your decision with no delay.

Yours sincerely,

Manon Aubry & Martin Schirdewan – GUE/NGL Co-Presidents

Philippe Lamberts – Greens/EFA Co-President

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