Today, MEPs voted on the provisional agreement for a Nature Restoration Law (NRL). Despite attacks, MEPs succeeded in saving the deal on this legislative proposal with 329 votes for and 275 against.

Left MEP and shadow rapporteur Mick Wallace (Independents for change, Ireland) stated: “It is a relief that we have finally gotten this regulation over the line in the Parliament. It’s a good day for nature, for everyone who loves nature and who works with it and who works to try to save it. It is also a good day for farmers.”
Wallace continues: “Farmers and landowners should not fear the regulation, but should instead welcome the opportunities it will provide. The regulation is about restoration, not protection, and this is an important distinction. Restoration does not mean taking land out of production. The regulation creates legal obligations for member states, but not for farmers.
I am disappointed with the lower level of ambition and of many separate targets and timelines. This watering down means the regulation is unlikely to be enough to meet the scale of the challenge we face as we approach the sixth mass extinction.
The EPP Group have sided with the far right throughout negotiations on this file. This now seems to be a fairly formal alliance with the EPP continuing to facilitate a shift to the far-right across Europe, despite recent lip service paid by European Commission President Von der Leyen saying she wouldn’t do deals with the far right if she is re-appointed.”

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