Two years after the killings of 17oil workers and their sympathisers by Kazakhstan state forces in Zhanaozen (Western Kazakhstan) victims and their families still plea for justice.
Instead, the authoritarian Nazarbayev regime clamps down on the independent media and incarcerate leaders of the political opposition, workers leaders and human rights defenders to long prison sentences in Kazakhstan´s notorious penal colonies.
Ainur Kurmanov, Deputy General Secretary of the independent trade union “Zhanartu” and prominent human rights activist, forced into exile in the aftermath of the Zhanaozen killings, will speak out on the human rights situation in the country
Paul Murphy, MEP,Visited Kazakhstan in 2011, spoke out in support of the oil workers and has ever since been denied a visa to enter Kazakhstan, will speak on how the EU´s energy interests continue to prevail over human rights
Gianfranco Battistini
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