Together with allies from civil society, Left forces will gather in Iruñea, Basque Country, next week to tackle the multiple challenges faced by Europe.

MEPs from The Left in the European Parliament and representatives of Basque left party, EH Bildu will discuss political positioning on the war in Ukraine, the situation in the Basque Country, the scope for greater local sovereignty, and the pro-independence Left. 

A press conference will be held on 30/06/22 from 10.45-11.30 in Belagua Room, Hotel Tres Reyes, Taconera, 1, 31001 Iruñea. MEPs taking part: Left Co-Presidents Manon Aubry and Martin Schirdewan, Pernando Barrena (EH Bildu, Basque Country) and Idoia Villanueva (Podemos, Spain).

“In a time of big challenges for the left, members of our parliamentary group will meet in the Basque Country to learn from best practice, discuss the new international scenario arising from Russia’s war on Ukraine, and deepen discussion of the idea of sovereignty for peace and equal social development” says Left MEP Pernando Barrena (EH Bildu, Basque Country). “The Left’s vision of Europe’s role as regards the new international order will be at the centre of the meeting.”

The agenda for the meeting is here.



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