In anticipation of the European Commission’s release of its ‘European Green Deal’, the Left group in the European Parliament has presented a detailed policy plan for a Green & Social New Deal for Europe.

The document, which will be used to assess the suitability of the Commission’s proposal, was launched this morning by co-Presidents Martin Schirdewan and Manon Aubry.

It details 10 policy areas of radical action to tackle the climate emergency in a way that leaves no one behind and respects the sustainability of our planet.

Among the policy proposals, the group wants to see a 70% emissions cut by 2030 and negative carbon emissions by 2050. The European Parliament has adopted a more conservative target of 55% by 2030. Other policies include a ban on private jets, declaring 30% of EU land part of Natura 2000 sites, a Climate Bank with zero-interest loans, and a crackdown on tax evasion to fund the Deal.

Commenting on the Left’s fight for people and planet, co-President Manon Aubry said:

“Buzzwords will not save the planet. Buzzwords will not deliver social justice. Only radical action is appropriate and proportionate as an answer to this climate emergency.

“Ahead of the European Commission’s announcement of its European Green Deal, the Left group in the European Parliament puts forward ten priorities that are necessary to achieve radical environmental and social change. It encompasses tax justice and public investment, new audacious climate objectives, agriculture, industry and energy transitions.

“The plan is simple: get lots of money, set the right targets and start working to build a Europe for people and planet.”

While the official launch of the Commission’s proposal takes place at an extraordinary plenary session this afternoon, much of the key aspects of the ‘Deal’ were already leaked.

Co-President Martin Schirdewan commented on the lack of a social dimension to the Commission’s plan:

“The Commission’s proposal is a step in the right direction but we need more than steps –  we need solutions.

“This means we have to tackle the privileges of the elite so common citizens do not have to pay the price. Ms. von der Leyen wants to invest three trillion euros in her Green Deal but she has not been able to tell us where this money will come from.

“If the Commission wants to save the planet, it has to act now and not just talk about it. That is why the Left in the European Parliament is presenting this concrete green and social plan to limit CO2 emissions, guarantee financing of projects and respect the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement, as opposed to the Commission’s proposal, because people and planet deserve better,” Schirdewan concluded.

This afternoon the GUE/NGL group will host the event “European industrial policy – a tool for a Green New Deal” in the European Parliament to discuss how European industrial strategy and the proposal for a Green Deal could serve green planning and the socio-ecological transition we need to tackle the climate crisis.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019. Room PHS 07C50 – 16.00-20.00

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