The Left group in the European Parliament is demanding the establishment of a Special Committee on Climate Emergency.

The move aims to put the European Parliament in the forefront of the fight against global warming with the development of concrete and radical policy proposals and to hold EU institutions to account for their inaction.

The request will be made to the upcoming Conference of Presidents (CoP) on Thursday, the body that brings together the leadership of the political groups and is tasked with organising Parliament´s business.

MEP Sira Rego (Izquierda Unida, Spain) explained the demand:

“The newly inaugurated ninth European Parliament has a responsibility to listen to EU citizens´ voices calling for radical action on global warming. The time for inaction and empty talk is over. We need to follow through with a declaration of a climate emergency and take concrete steps to enact legislation that will curb greenhouse gas emissions and achieve carbon neutrality.”

“Time is running out for the future of our planet. Neoliberal solutions and carbon trading are not going to solve this climate crisis. This is why the Left is moving to request the establishment of a Special Committee on Climate Emergency. We hope that this committee will come up with policy that is at the level of the emergency that we´re facing and bring accountability to EU governments and institutions for their continued feet dragging,” Rego concluded.


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