As Chile is undergoing a process of profound political change through the writing of a new Constitution, a significant majority of Chileans have chosen to support the ‘Apruebo Dignidad’ project led by the left-wing candidate Boric to build a new Chile for all.

Fifteen million Chileans went to the polls for the second, decisive round of Chile’s presidential election to choose between the extreme-right, Jose Antonio Kast and his left-wing challenger, Gabriel Boric.

Fifteen million Chileans have opted for a progressive change. For a social state, for strong public services, for the rule of law and democracy.

The league of reactionary elites who blindly believe in the market has had its day. Its leader, also known as Chile’s answer to Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, has lost. His campaign of fear has not worked. His ultra-right rhetoric and hatred of all things Progressive cannot withstand the courage of millions of young Chileans.

35 year old former student leader Boric embodies the hope of finally saying goodbye to a Chile of anachronisms, where everything from pension funds to the health system to the water supply has been radically privatised in recent decades.

Chile was the “flagship” of neoliberalism in Latin America. This ship has sunk and now a new chapter is being opened.

Although the far-right, ultra-conservative Jose Antonio Kast promptly conceded defeat, the political caste that had seized control of this country since the 1973 coup will not give up its privileges and its half-century of entrenched power so easily.

Strong bonds of solidarity with the new left government in Chile, in South America, and in the world, are needed now and in the future.

To all those who took their anger to the streets in 2019, who were beaten up by the police, injured by water cannons, discriminated against and attacked, to all who fought for a future of justice and hope: this is your victory.

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