We strongly condemn the illegal actions of Turkey on a number of issues, even more so at this juncture, since they hamper the resumption of substantive negotiations on the Cyprus problem. The current illegal drillings in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus must be stopped immediately.

Considering the breadth of Turkish aggressive actions and illegality, the EU’s current measures fall far short of an effective response

Unfortunately the EU is hostage to financial interests and commercial dependencies, due to its own ill-founded aspirations regarding the solution of the refugee crisis – the creation and escalation of which it must take some responsibility – and its subservient position in relation to NATO.

Yet, we shall not abandon our demand for more serious measures by the EU against the government of Turkey, measures that truly correspond to the extent of its illegal and provocative actions.

We underline that the most effective response to Turkish aggression is the solution of the Cyprus problem.

The EU must urge Turkey to terminate all illegal activities that hamper the prospects for a solution of the Cyprus problem on the agreed basis.