Rise up before the sea does - Photo competition

The climate crisis poses an existential threat to the planet and to the future of humanity itself.

The fires and flooding that Europe and the world witnessed throughout the summer demonstrated yet again, in ever starker terms, that there is no place for false climate solutions.

Greening capitalism will not stop climate catastrophe, it will only further delay real climate action.

A key opportunity to turn things around and get real about fighting the climate crisis will be the COP26 UN conference in Glasgow this November.

How is the climate crisis affecting people, the environment, and communities where you are? Do you think you can visually capture what it means to live in a climate crisis? Can you offer some inspiration and solutions on how we need to tackle it together?

If so, get creative and join our photo competition!




How to submit your entry for the competition?
Terms and conditions

1- Upload a photo on Instagram (it has to be a single picture, carousel or composition not allowed)

2- Your account needs to be public in order for your entry to be visible.

3 – You must have taken the photo yourself and own the copyright for it.

4- Tag @theleft_eu in the picture! Photos with tags in the comments – or in the caption won’t be counted.

5 – Use the hashtag #ShootTheCrisis in the description of the picture. (Not in comments).

6 – Post your photo(s) before 24/10/2021 at noon CET.

7 – Our jury will short-list 5 pictures on the basis of 3 criteria: relevance to the theme “COP26 – Climate Emergency”, creativity of the photo submitted, aesthetical quality of the photo.

8 – The authors of the 5 short-listed photos will be contacted and will need to send the photo uploaded to their profile to the Left Communications Team in HD.

9 – The 5 short-listed photos will be uploaded on The Left’s Instagram page to be voted by the community on 29/10/2021

10 – Between the photos posted on the Left’s IG feed, the one that will receive more likes by 12/11/2021 (the last day of the COP26) at 12:00pm (CET time) will be awarded as the winner of the competition.

11 – The winner of the competition will be contacted to collect the prize: a 500€ voucher to be spent on photo equipment.

12 – The winner will be contacted by The Left’s communications team with further info on how to collect the prize.

13 – Staff (including APAs & MEPs) of the Left in the European Parliament are NOT allowed to participate.

14- As a condition to take part in the contest, you agree to wave the rights for us to make public use of the photos for the purposes of the competition and beyond


By participating you agree to the terms and conditions.

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