Ahead of a video conference of EU leaders on the situation in Belarus, GUE/NGL co-Presidents Manon Aubry and Martin Schirdewan condemn the recent violence against protesters, call for respect for the right to demonstrate peacefully, and for all international actors to refrain from interference, and to work to help deescalate tensions in the country.

Martin Schirdewan:

“Recent events in Belarus have exposed the violence of a regime that has denied basic human rights standards and neglected the socio-economic welfare of citizens. EU leaders must carefully assess the many reasons for dissatisfaction with President Lukashenko, rather than just following their own self-interest. The EU response to this situation must be about putting the rights and welfare of Belarusians first.”

Manon Aubry:

“The fundamental rights to free speech, freedom of assembly and free and fair elections must be respected. Police brutality cannot be tolerated anywhere. The regime in Minsk must listen to protestors’ demands for fundamental rights and release all political prisoners.”

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