The GUE/NGL group is shocked and deeply concerned about revelations that MEP Martin Buschmann was a member of the German far right and ultranationalist NPD political party in the 1990s.

We are furthermore troubled by the fact that the group, his party, and the public are only now being informed about this, and disappointed in the breach of trust that has been committed.

As a voice for left values in Europe and beyond, anti-fascism, anti-racism, and international solidarity are fundamental principles in our daily work. Today, and throughout our history, the Left has been dedicated to the defence of migrants, women, minorities, and others that find themselves under attack from the far right in Europe. We cannot tolerate any doubt about our group’s determined and long-standing commitment to this crucial struggle.

Therefore, the GUE/NGL accepts Martin Buschmann’s decision to resign from his position as a Member of the group with immediate effect.