Barbara SPINELLI (GUE/NGL, IT), and Marie-Christine VERGIAT (GUE/NGL, FR), on “The right to peaceful protest and the proportionate use of force”


GUE/NGL Press Conference on ‘Right to Peaceful Protest and Proportionate Use of Force’

After numerous incidents of police brutality against peaceful protesters across several EU countries in recent months, a request by GUE/NGL for a debate and resolution on the use of excessive force by the police against peacefully protesting citizens was debated in the European Parliament last night, Monday 11th February.

In addition, GUE/NGL MEPs will be holding a press conference on Tuesday afternoon in Strasbourg at 16h00.

Title: ‘The Right to Peaceful Protest and the Proportionate Use of Force’
Time: Tuesday 12th February at 16h00-16h30
Location: Room LOW N-1 / 201, European Parliament in Strasbourg
Interpretation: EN, FR, DE, ES, IT and PL.


Marie-Christine Vergiat MEP

Barbara Spinelli MEP

Ariè Alimi, lawyer of victims and member of the board of Ligue des droits de l’Homme in France

Florent Marcie, documentary maker

Prof Laurent Thines, neurosurgeon and the original petitioner for ‘French caregivers for a moratorium on the use of sub-lethal weapons’ which has thus far received more than 150 000 signatures.

David Dufresne, journalist who has compiled the number of injuries by sub-lethal weapons.

The vote will take place on Thursday in Strasbourg.

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