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The Left in the European Parliament absolutely deplores the death threats made against Secretary General of Podemos, and candidate for the presidency of the Comunidad de Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, and several public figures in Spain.

Yesterday Iglesias received a letter threatening him and his family, in an envelope containing four bullets.

Similar threats were sent to the Minister of Interior of the coalition Government, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and the Director of Guardia Civil, María Gámez.

“Yet again, the shocking tactics of far-right terrorists have been put on horrific display,” said Left Co-Presidents Manon Aubry and Martin Schirdewan on behalf of the group.

“As democrats, as anti-fascists, we stand firm against this violence and the political hate speech that fuels it. Pablo Iglesias has our full solidarity. Throughout Europe, such fascist threats must be vigorously countered and resisted, as does the unacceptable ‘mainstream’ hate speech that lies behind it. Spanish authorities must launch a full investigation and ensure all citizens are protected from such brutality. We call upon all other groups in the European Parliament to show solidarity in the face of this serious incident and demand increased political reflection on the white-washing of hate speech.”

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