A new investigation by Lighthouse Reports and various European media outlets has exposed a violent campaign of pushbacks at the EU’s external borders despite denials and cover-ups by member states.


The Left in the European Parliament denounces this organised and illegal practice of pushbacks against migrants and refugees, calling for their immediate end, accompanied by an investigation and accountability for perpetrators. The situation at key border points, including in Greece, Croatia and Poland, is of a humanitarian crisis without any acknowledgement, putting the EU to shame. 

We call for European solidarity, safe humanitarian corridors and visas, additional resettlement places, quick review of rejected asylum applications and family unification. 

The Left is requesting a debate on pushbacks in the next plenary session, demanding answers from the Commission about this escalating situation.  

MEP Cornelia Ernst (Die Linke, Germany) said:

“The merciless, sadistic and degrading violence by the Croatian border police, as evidenced by the investigation, is a crime against humanity.”

“This is Europe: violent pushbacks have become mainstream policy tolerated by the EU, be it in Croatia, Greece or Poland. These crimes must end and the governments responsible must finally be held accountable.”


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