Falling far short of proposing a suitable response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the European Parliament has turned its back on the people and countries enduring the worst of the current health emergency.

A resolution adopted today by a majority of MEPs fails to support significant measures such as debt mutualisation, and disregards the devastating impact of austerity and macro-economic conditionalities. It also fails to comply with necessary measures on climate and the Paris agreement.

While some helpful progressive elements are included in the position adopted by MEPs, notably on fundamental rights, social rights for the most vulnerable, reproductive rights, and migrants, GUE/NGL Co-Presidents Martin Schirdewan and Manon Aubry demand far more for people and planet.

Martin Schirdewan:

“Today is a bad day for the European Parliament. While we welcome some of the proposals made today on social and fundamental rights, the failure to back a proper economic response to the current situation and support Coronabonds is irresponsible.

“EU leaders meeting next week should have faced pressure from Parliament to show some solidarity. With this in mind, the Left will continue to sound the alarm on the need for a common response – the people and countries suffering the most cannot wait any longer.”

Manon Aubry:

“In rejecting solidarity as a reaction to the ongoing crisis, the European Parliament has turned its back on citizens and failed to send a clear message to member states. Deliberately ignoring the elephant in the room on who will pay for the crisis, the parliament missed an opportunity to play a decisive role, making citizens pay the highest price.

“With willful amnesia and denial of the catastrophic impact of austerity measures on our public health systems, they are leading us down the same beaten path they forced us down after the financial crisis. The result will be disastrous for millions of Europeans if the question of sovereign debt is not urgently addressed.

“We will redouble our efforts to fight for a recovery with solidarity and climate justice at its core. Delaying the necessary in this time of crisis is an appalling disgrace.”

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