In the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and the shocking images circulating from Kabul airport – where desperate civilians attempted to flee the country – The Left in the European Parliament expresses its deepest concern about the protection of the human rights of the Afghan people, especially women and girls, who will be most affected by the Taliban’s rise to power.

The Co-Presidents of The Left in the European Parliament, Manon Aubry and Martin Schirdewan called on the EU ministers meeting today to act immediately and make sure that human rights are the top priority on the agenda and that the protection of the asylum seekers, fleeing while Taliban are seizing control, must be guaranteed.

“The EU have a responsibility to help the people of Afghanistan immediately and unbureaucratically and quickly. We need a humanitarian corridor to enable not only European citizens but also Afghan journalists, artists, human rights activists and all others whose lives are threatened by the Taliban’s takeover to leave safely.

In addition, all deportations to the Taliban-ruled country must be permanently suspended. ” – Schirdewan said.

“The EU is under legal and moral obligation of welcoming asylum seekers and it must guarantee that Member States do not start passing the buck to each other – as we have already sadly witnessed multiple times in the past when it comes to refugees.

The time for the blame game is over. The EU and its member states must all equally cooperate and act urgently to show solidarity towards the Afghan people because the priority is and must be to save lives.” – Aubry added.

The Left in the European Parliament has been opposed to this irresponsible war in Afghanistan from the very beginning.  The deployment was wrong and the withdrawal was haphazard.

Clearly, the Afghan civilian population is doubly made a victim of the war.

It is time for unconditional solidarity.


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