Left MEPs Manu Pineda (Izquierda Unida, Spain), Sandra Pereira (PCP, Portugal), and José Gusmão (Bloco de Esquerda, Portugal) today sent a report to Josep Borrell, the EU’s chief diplomat, outlining their concerns about the civil unrest and violent oppression of people demanding change in Peru.  ​​In the report Left MEPs are calling for:

  • the European Union to work with Peruvian authorities and different social and political actors in the country to put an immediate end to the repression and violence;
  • ceasing and prohibiting export of military technology and equipment that may fuel internal repression; 
  • the Delegation of the European Union in Peru to send observers to monitor trials of human rights defenders and other political, social and trade union leaders arrested and detained for political reasons. Its diplomats should regularly visit those detained or imprisoned for political reasons;
  • the European Union to highlight that the Trade Agreement between the European Union and Peru, which in its article 1 cites compliance with human rights, as the basis of the relationship between the two parties; and
  • the due diligence legislation currently being worked on at the European level  to include binding measures for the protection of human rights defenders, ensuring that European companies are not responsible for or complicit in their repression. 

Left MEP, Manu Pineda (Iquierda Unida) said: “In the streets, Peruvian people are demanding  the immediate resignation of Dina Boluarte’s Government, elections and, most importantly, the beginning of a new constituent process to democratically dismantle the historical framework that makes the large-scale plundering of Peru’s natural resources by foreign companies possible.”

Left MEP, José Gusmão (Bloco de Esquerda) added: “No one can be persecuted or murdered for opposing a president or a congress. The EU must listen and make a clear stance for democracy and human rights.”

Left MEP, Sandra Pereira (PCP) concluded: “We stand in solidarity with the struggle of the workers and people of Peru, with the communists and the progressive and democratic forces fighting for respect for the will of the people, for the restoration of rights and democratic legality, for elections to be held and for a constituent process to be initiated. And we join our voices with the Peruvian people and say: no more deaths.”

At the beginning of February, Left MEPs travelled to Lima, where they met with the EU ambassador to Peru, politicians from Peruvian political parties, representatives from trade unions, workers’ collectives, indigenous groups and students. 

The Left supports the demands of Peruvian demonstrators and social organisations to end the institutional corruption, racism, and discrimination that has characterised recent decades in Peruvian politics. 

The election of a constituent assembly – grounded in respect for gender equality and reflecting the plurinational character of Peru – is the only way to overcome this crisis. To respect the will of the Peruvian people, the Left also supports the demand for immediate presidential and parliamentary elections.

Read the report here.

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