In a resounding victory for workers’ rights and a watershed moment in the battle against corporate impunity, EU member states have adopted the directive on platform workers.

Despite relentless attempts by powerful interests to derail progress, the persistence and dedication of trade unions, workers and allies inside the European Parliament, like Left MEP Leila Chaibi, have prevailed. The governments of France and Germany tried up to the last minute to kill the directive’s provisions but found themselves isolated.

This directive, long-awaited by 28 million workers, mandates a presumption of salaried status for platform workers—a crucial safeguard in the digital age where workers are not sufficiently protected. The directive’s passage underscores a collective victory against the forces prioritising profit over people. 

MEP Leila Chaibi (France; La France Insoumise) has kept up the pressure on the issue since the beginning of her mandate in 2019:

“Throughout these negotiations, the French president tried to torpedo the presumption of salaried employment. To serve Uber rather than the workers. The Macron government, which proclaims itself to be the champion of a “Europe that protects”, has shown here that in reality, it is only protecting the interests of the lobbies. Thanks to our fight, we didn’t let Uber make the law in Europe. With this directive, millions of bogus self-employed people across Europe will be reclassified as employees,” she said.

This victory shows that corporate impunity, which holds not only the people but also democracy in contempt, can be brought to an end if the political will is there. 

The next step is for the European Parliament to vote on the agreement in the plenary session in April 2024. 

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