The cost of living crisis, low pay and precarious work are plunging millions of workers into poverty. With workers’ actions and general strikes happening on an almost daily basis, it’s time for the EU to step up.

On 8 and 9 March, the Left brought together MEPs, unions and workers to discuss the cost of living crisis and actions to help the millions of EU workers living on the breadline. 

Together with the Trade Unionists’ Network Europe, Left MEPs highlighted 16 key actions necessary to create good jobs in a green economy. We demand fair salaries, pensions and taxation and an inclusive European welfare system – to put the workers and the working class at the heart of EU policy making. The document also sets out demands on the just transition, so that no one is left behind and asks the EU to do more to ensure public services such as energy, health, transport and food remain in the public sector.

Read 16 demands for workers. 

Left MEP Nikolaj Villumsen (Enhedslisten, Denmark) “The message that I heard from the conference is clear: The EU has to deliver on the social front – and not just with pretty words, but with concrete action.

All across the EU trade unions are playing a vital role in protecting workers from exploitation and ensuring companies live up to their responsibilities. Workers and workers’ rights have to be placed at the very heart of the EU’s policies and legislation. We have to protect people over short-term profit.”

Left MEP MEP Özlem Demirel (DIE LINKE, Germany) “War and crises- two sides of the same coin: rising profits of energy companies and multinationals and the rising number of people who no longer can pay their bills.

But resistance is forming- Unions and employees from more and more sectors and countries finally demand appropriate relief and wage increases. Their demands are justified, their fights inspire hope!”

For more information about the conference and to watch it back, see here

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